fresh, natural, organic and delicious, Excellent TableEthiopian cuisine means foods made with top-quality, fresh, natural and organic ingredients and prepared just as they are every day in kitchens across her native land.

Spicy and mild dishes commonly served together complement each other beautifully and the contrasting union of the two temperatures create an extraordinary flavor experience.

The starters in Ethiopian cooking are minced fresh onions, garlic and ginger. These are often combined with lentils or one of a variety of meats or chicken and spices. It is almost unimaginable to sit down to meal without injera, the main staple food. I say it is unimaginable for a couple reasons, not the least of which is that injera is often used in lieu of utensils. So, what is injera? Injera is a large crepe-like disk of soft sourdough bread made from the very fine, high-protein teff flour, and in which much care and time is invested. After the long preparation time of the injear, the dough is cooked by steaming individual pieces in a clay grill or on a flat griddle or pan. Anyone who successfully makes injera will tell you that it is the most time consuming and complicated bread. Those familiar with the food know that an Ethiopian meal is not complete without injera.

Chef Haregewin Bekele

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