Greetings to all and welcome to Excellent Table’s site [newly under construction].
While I, chef Haregewin Bekele, do my best to accomodate, there remain potentially confusing aspects of Excellent Table:

  • business hours
  • location
  • menu



Monday – Saturday: 11am – 3 p.m.

Monday – Saturday: 4 p.m. – 9 p.m



In spite of the address and the old “Google Places” marker, Excellent Table IS NOT ON MAIN STREET. The entrance to the restaurant is next to the rear entrance of Champs Sports Bar and Cafe – hidden by the Farmer’s Market in Market Square Park at the corner of Draper Road and West Roanoke Street, across from 7-11. When the Farmer’s Market is in session, the parking lot is blocked and parking may be found on Draper Road and Roanoke Street.

Because Excellent Table uses fresh, natural and organic ingredients, I fashion the menu according to the availability of ingredients. The menu changes daily and is posted on the Excellent Table Facebook Page.

Now, with the obstacles addressed, I hope you will visit Excellent Table and enjoy the natural, healthy and delicious foods of my native land, prepared with passion by your’s truly.

- Haregewin